337 R2Y 3.3

This mid to tall bush type bean features excellent emergence and standability combined with a strong health package. This attractive, eye appealing early bean will yield well in all soil types.

363 R2Y 3.6

This mid-season variety is a medium bush plant that provides perfect height and canopy for narrow rows. Features top yields with great disease package, especially in SDS environments.

384 R2Y 3.8

An attractive medium bush late season variety. This variety’s strong agronomic package and excellent yield potential make it a great choice for your late season soybean

Ruff Brand Soybeans

STARK 3.4 a Non-GMO, medium height, semi bush variety. Resistant to RPS 1k Phytophthora Root Rot, field tolerance to Brown stem Rot and Sudden Death Syndrome. Excellent yield potential with a strong disease package.

Ruffs Brand Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans


307 GT1 3.0 A high yielding medium tall bush type soybean. That has a strong disease package that includes the Rps 1k Phytophthora resistance. An excellent 3.0 bean with a competitive price.

364 GT1 3.6 A very high yielding variety with exceptional tolerance to stress and an outstanding disease package including the Rps 1k Phytophthora resistance. A medium tall plant that shows very good emergence and standability with tolerance to Sudden death syndrome. 

Liberty Link Soybeans TM


A bulletproof late group 3 maturity with a light tawny/brown appearance. Very attractive with great standability. An excellent disease package.

9288 LL

This medium tall, bush type plant features a grey/brown plant with good height and a good lodging score. This variety offers a solid defense package that includes PFT, BSR, SDS, SCN, and CHR.

9358 LL

An attractive light tawny/brown medium height, bushy type plant. A good standing and healthy plant with great defense, stacked with STS adding to performance levels. A very consistent variety.